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Litigation and Settlement of Disputes

Şengün & Partners provides advocacy and consultancy services pursuant to its experience throughout the years in the settlement of any kind of legal issues that local and international companies from different sectors face in their daily business life. Our lawyers who are experienced in litigation submit case files as well as pleas against filed cases to court all prepared in line with the their determined defense strategies, and ensure the follow-up of the case files at the courts of first instance as well as judicial authorities and courts of higher instances. Due to their experience and knowledge, our lawyers also develop solution-oriented solutions for the settlements of legal disputes without having to resort to judicial authorities.

In addition to providing its clients with compensatory advocacy services via litigation, Şengün & Partners also assists its clients in minimizing the legal risks they may encounter, by offering preventive legal services through its knowledge and experience while determining and foreseeing matters that could lead to future disputes.

In addition to the litigation proceedings before the courts, our office also represents its clients in different solutions such as mediation and arbitration.