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Intellectual Property Law

Şengün & Partners attaches great importance to the value of literary and artistic works, and provides legal services together with its team of trademark/patent attorneys on the fields of copyright, trademark and patent within intellectual property. In addition to following the formal processes towards the protection of industrial design, patents, trademarks, royalties and know-hows, the firm provides litigation and follows-up on national and international disputes arising from the infringement of these rights.

The firm gives advices on intellectual property rights concerning inventions, works, and trademarks developed by companies and/or individuals and on the rights during other enterprises including the processes of mergers and take-overs, and also on their transfer over to third parties. Şengün & Partners also provides consultancy with expert lawyers on the field of intellectual property rights including discoveries made workers.

Şengün & Partners gives consultancy services on the transfer and protection of assets regarding trademarks, industrial design and similar industrial properties, and plays a role in the preparation of the agreements and the negotiations.