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Administrative Law

Administrative law is based on public power privilege which means that administration has several privileges and supremacies. In this scope, Şengün & Partners provides legal support to its clients in order to enable administrative appeals, trying all administrative means possible and in handling the negotiation processes. Our office gives guidance to its clients active in different sectors in  managing relations with all administrative bodies, especially municipalities, and also takes the necessary legal steps against all administrative acts that will affect its clients and administrative actions towards it clients made by administrative bodies.

Our law firm takes action within the framework of the Constitution, including the establishment, organization, operation of Administration and the regulations that enable administration to function. The firm actively represents its clients before the administrative judicial bodies while providing solutions before, during and after the lawsuits filed against disputes, encompassing annulment and full remedy actions, against the violation of rights that have accrued due to the abolishment of procedures and administrative actions taken by the Administrative bodies.

Also, all legal processes regarding movable and immovable assets of the Administration are followed up and finalized.