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Media and Communication Law

Şengün & Partners provides legal consultancy services in television, radio, licensing, broadcasting (land, digital, cable and satellite), programming, sponsorship and advertisements. In this scope, our law firm offers services in protection of broadcasting rights of the media service providers against the administrative authorities, and their compliance with the administrative regulations. Our Law Firm represents the media service providers before Turkish Radio and Television Supreme Council, Information and Communication Technologies Authority and other public institutions and assists in the settlement of their legal disputes. It offers preventive and compensatory legal services to the media service providers in their legal problems arising in relation to the advertisement board and consumer law.

Regarding the activities carried out by media service providers, our law firm provides legal services related to all types of contracts needed in the scope of Media and Communication law and especially in preparing, examining and negotiating agreements in accordance to this special regulation. 

Şengün & Partners carries out tasks related to publications made by the media in order to remedy the damages incurred by the individuals or those necessary for the publication of the disclaimers on the publication while representing its clients in cases arising from their disputes.