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Capital Market Law

Şengün & Partners provides legal consultancy services to local and foreign public companies or those regulated under capital market law in their daily business and transactions as well as in the matters of restructuring procedures. In this field, Our law firm provides services related to the performance of procedures regarding the call obligation and exemptions thereto, carrying out mergers, acquisitions demergers and spin-off procedures of public companies, carrying out necessary formalities in issuance and sale of the publicly traded security instruments, share certificates, restructured instruments, bonds, derivative transactions and similar capital market instruments, carrying out legal due diligence work, carrying out public offering and capital increase procedures of public companies and the necessary transactions and procedures for public offering of non-public companies, and preparing and filing the applications for permissions and any other applications before the Turkish Capital Markets Board.

Şengün & Partners follows up cases before the Council of State in disputes that may arise in connection with the Capital Markets Board. Furthermore, our Law Firm has experience in providing legal assistance to the companies that are regulated under the Capital Markets Law such as Intermediary Firms, Securities Companies and Real Estate Investment Partnerships.