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Since the day it was founded, our Law Firm has been acting as legal consultant for individuals and legal entities at domestic and international level and settling legal disputes that have arisen. In addition to having expertise in fields of law, our Law Firm has produced high level and multi-dimensional legal views  via establishing links between current legal fields and thus aimed at making in-depth contribution to  settlement of legal issues.

Our Firm recognizes the effect on the formation of the legal system of the implications of working in this manner.  

Our lawyers acquaint efficient and quality knowledge and experience and also aim to work adhering to principles and honesty by internalizing a modern Legal Philosophy and adopting the ethics of advocacy. Our relations with the clients based on trust are the first priority in our job. 

Our Law Firm has the ability to actively respond to legal problems that may be faced with by our clients in any regions of Turkey through its experience, knowledge, network and staff, and also provides the same services at global level via its qualified correspondent law firms in different countries. Our Firm provides unique and accountable services that are tailor-made to fit the demands of all clients, in all its local and global work.

Law is not only a compilation of rules but also is a living organism due to fact that it is affected by the socio-economic and political developments. Therefore, it is the imperative implication of the global legal philosophy that current legal issues are addressed by taking into account the mentioned factors.  Thanks to implementation of such approach in our activities, it is observed that the clients who are fully informed in all these aspects are enlightened to the widest extent and are able to gain an extensive perspective on the settlement of the legal issue.

Our purpose is to provide solutions to the ever growing and expanding needs of our clients by making use of the most efficient and appropriate tools used in the legal sector. I sincerely thank to each one of our lawyers, who have contributed to us so far on our path leading to the foregoing purpose and who are still moving forward with a firm determination to overcome each and every single obstacle, our support staff, the assistance of whom we always feel beside us, as well as all our clients for the trust and cooperation they have shown us.

Nedim Korhan Şengün, Attorney-At-Law

Founding Partner